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Content marketing tech: 5 must-have features for rich text editing

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Content marketing tech: 5 must-have features for rich text editing

Rich text editors are no longer just an option in today’s agile, tech-based environment. As companies continue to invest in and expand their tech stack, finding a rich text editor that strategically adds value, creates more opportunity and allows you to scale faster is paramount. After all, your choice of rich text editor can have a direct impact on numerous functions of the business. Our recent survey found that the most popular use cases for rich text editors include integration with a wide variety of applications such as CMS, LMS, email, CRM, DMS, workflow and automation.

So, how to choose with so many options in the marketplace? Here are five must haves for your rich text editor.

Configuration and customization

It’s crucial to have a rich text editor that will answer the requirements of your application. This can include configuring toolbars and menus, formatting options for content and other basic functions.

Testing the ease of configuring basic functions is essential to onboarding and utilizing a rich text editor that will benefit your project. In fact, customization is key to respondents in the State of Rich Text Editors survey, who note they want to be able to control the editor on their terms.

Ultimately, the best rich text editors provide intuitive and secure user experiences while also clearly giving opportunities for customization.

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Fredrik Danielsson | May 17, 2023