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How CKEditor Successfully Launched the First Collaboration Functionality

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How CKEditor Successfully Launched the First Collaboration Functionality

Collaboration has quickly become a necessity in today’s business climate. Eighty-three percent of employees rely on using technology for collaboration and over half of businesses have increased their spend on collaboration tools since the pandemic.  

After all, the right digital tools can help streamline inefficient processes and result in increased effectiveness in the workplace. In fact, online collaboration tools and digital workplaces have been found to increase workplace productivity by up to 30%.

We found this especially true in the content editing space where traditional collaboration methods, such as sharing Word documents as attachments across multiple parties, led to wasted time and effort. The inability to work together in real-time wreaked havoc as teams attempted to connect various edits and versions into one final, approved product.

As the need for real-time collaborative editing rose, the CKEditor team quickly realized we had the opportunity to become innovators in the marketplace, with a vision of providing collaboration tools easily to any application.That’s where CKEditor 5, a powerful, modern, and user-friendly rich text editor that enhances CMS and CRM systems, was born. 

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Wiktor Walc | April 18, 2023