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TinyMCE Brings Advanced AI to CMS Text Editing: Interview with Fredrik Danielsson & Elise Bentley

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TinyMCE Brings Advanced AI to CMS Text Editing: Interview with Fredrik Danielsson & Elise Bentley

What to know:

  • TinyMCE has introduced AI capabilities to its rich text editor

  • Powered by OpenAI, the new feature is available and easy to activate

  • The solution provides pre-written prompts to help users create content

  • CMS platforms that use TinyMCE can offer AI in their editors and plugins

You might not know it, but many CMS platforms have been “tinyfied.”

I don’t mean “minified,” as in made smaller – or “gentrified,” though some apps out there could use a bit of that.

No, “tinyfied” is how TinyMCE refers to content management systems that utilize its rich text editor. It’s a fun moniker for a tool that’s essential to every CMS, enabling users to create formatted content using simple WYSIWYGs.

The role of the text editor in a CMS can’t be overstated. In addition to adding raw content, they can be used to create lists, tables, and other elements. The functionality of an editor can also be extended via plugins and customizations based on a platform’s needs.

Many CMSs have adopted TinyMCE as their default editor, while others have implemented it into various modules and plugins. Which platforms, you ask? According to the company’s documentation, the list includes Alfresco, dotCMS, Umbraco, WordPress, and other notable brands (like Shopify) – all relying on TinyMCE to shape content editing.

Now, TinyMCE is introducing OpenAI’s powerful GPT models to its text editor. The new solution comes with pre-written prompts and writing tools and provides a familiar, intuitive UI that works within existing designs and structures.

I recently spoke with TinyMCE’s Fredrik Danielsson, Principal Product Manager, and Elise Bentley, VP of Marketing, about the company’s new AI Assistant. They shared how the novel features will benefit users while helping CMS platforms accelerate their AI roadmap.

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Matthew Garrepy | September 7, 2023