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Tiugo Technologies: How This Company Is Helping Developers Accelerate Efficiency And Growth

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Pulse 2.0

Tiugo Technologies is a company that is assembling a portfolio of API-first and market-leading developer platforms focused on content creation and digital collaboration to help them accelerate growth, increase operating efficiency, and fund add-on acquisitions. To learn more about the company, Pulse 2.0 interviewed Tiugo Chief Revenue Officer Scott Heimes.

Scott Heimes’ Background


Scott Heimes oversees the company’s go-to-market (GTM) function and focuses on scaling the team, building demand, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving predictable revenue growth as the chief revenue officer at the company. Prior to Tiugo, Heimes had a long career as a four-time chief marketing officer leading the marketing function at some of the fastest-growing SaaS software organizations in the country, including ZipWhip (a Seattle-based business texting software and API provider that was acquired by Twilio in 2021) and SendGrid (an email API provider that was also acquired by Twilio in 2019). Before that, Heimes was the chief marketing officer at health management company WebMD Health Services and also at e-commerce service provider Digital River.

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Amit Chowdhry | June 11, 2023